Monday, March 27, 2006


SP7 was my first time in a Secret Pal exchange and I agonized over what to send my pal. I don't know how my Secret Pal did it, but everything she picked was Perfect! I'm hoping for a mind-meld with Katrina when I do SP8 so I can do as good a job spoiling my next pal.

A super-cute and useful Miffy bag chock full of the most delicious chocolate I have ever consumed. I'm hoping that I can talk my sister into bringing some home as this is definitely the best dark chocolate covered ginger and orange peel I have ever had. A Baby Bobbi Bear pattern (yay! I haven't been able to find this out here) and 2 skeins of deliciously soft, chocolate brown cotton to make my own BBB. If I had 5.5mm dpns, I would have cast this on already. As it is, I'm contemplating winding my Mixed Berries Shepherd Sock and starting new socks. Must Resist and knit Sockapalooza socks.

A HUGE thank you to my Secret Pal!


Blogger katrina said...

I'm SO glad that you liked it all! Isn't the chocolate fabulous...It was so hard not to buy up the whole store while I was there. I can't wait to see pics of how everything turns out.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Juls said...

That package is awesome! I have admired the bobbi bear kit for a while, and contemplated making one for my son. Looking forward to seeing yours :) (after your Sockpalooza socks, of course!)

8:47 AM  

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