Monday, October 30, 2006

A new habit (maybe)

I'm going to borrow a good friend's idea and try to institute Menu Mondays over here. The move to a new house and 1 fewer co-resident are inspiring me to clean out my pantry (easy as it is barely unpacked), try out some new recipes (the new Fine Cooking Quick and Delicious compilation is out), and maybe, just maybe, cook in smaller amounts so that there is enough left for lunch the next day but not so much that The Flame and I are eating the same thing endlessly.

Monday : I'm out at Knit and Pearl so I think the Flame will have left-over lamb and vegetable stew with some crusty bread and a salad.

Tuesday night : The Flame may be out at a movie, but I haven't been attending TNMC recently so I will probably experiment with the Knitbrarian recommended spinach, red lentil & bean curry. I'll make some brown rice (we moved my rice cooker - yay!).

Wednesday : Lasagna leftovers from Sunday night and salad.

Thursday : Take-out from the Rubina Grill in our handy tiffins and whatever else looks good at Granville Island while I am shopping for Friday/Saturday night. I'd better have a snack before I head over. I've learnt my lesson about shopping the market hungry.

Friday : Butternut squash & sage risotto (has a smidge of bacon so not very vegetarian or kosher), going to need some greens with this as well

Saturday : Not sure if we will be out or not, if not I'm leaning towards Halibut with Parmesan and Pine Nuts baked quickly in the oven with either rutabagas or sweet potatoes on the side. I may change my mind and switch to salmon on couscous with a green curry sauce and mixed veg steamed into the couscous. It will depend on what looks good when I go looking for fish on Saturday. I'm hoping to catch the tail-end of the fish season. (oooh, bad pun)

Sunday : I'll end the week with some comfort food for the Flame. Chicken, broccoli & cheese casserole and more rice.

I'm a little more than half-way around the shawl. Hopefully I can take pictures tomorrow!


Blogger kimber said...

Yummy! Your menu sounds great! Guess I'd better get back on the ball, eh?

10:45 AM  

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