Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The fun continues

Karen (who never posts - please post about the Apple Festival) and I went for a quick dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, Rekados on Monday night.

The food was really tasty and a big thank you to Knitbrarian for her recommendation. We had an eggplant dish which was garnished with tomato and onion which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Some people have mentioned that the shrimp paste was overwhelming, but neither of us found that to be the case. The curry was sweet with a mild start and a slightly more fiery finish. Comfort food for sure.

A return trip with more participants is being planned so we can explore more of the menu.


Blogger Romi said...

Oooh. That looks delicious. :)

3:26 PM  
Blogger Sheila E said...

Yummmm...now I'm starving! Great photo too! I have to go and find something to stick in my mouth!

6:50 PM  

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