Thursday, August 11, 2005

Grandmere aka Dale No. 122 - Jamaica

Original yarn : Dale Svale (600g)
Grandmere yarn : Sirdar Denim Tweed DK (350g ?)

Original needles : 2.5 & 3mm
Grandmere needles : 3 and 3.5mm (addis)

Original gauge : 21 sts & ? rows = 4"
Grandmere gauge : 21 sts & 28 rows over pattern = 4"

Changes :

I did not carry the lace pattern all the way around the back as I wanted to be able to incorporate the short-row shaping as discreetly as possible.

8 rows of short-rowing in the upper back at 2" below the beginning of the neckline shaping, the next time out, I'd move this to 3" or maybe 3.5" below the beginning of the neckline shaping.

Started the front neck shaping 5.5" after the beinning of the armhole shaping instead of the 2.75" in the pattern, I would probably start the neck shaping 5" after the armhole shaping next time as I felt this was still a little bit high after the neckband was finished.

Sleeve cap - decreased 1 st at the beg and end of every 3rd row to have enough length for the sleeve cap. This may have been a problem brought on by my row gauge, but as Dale doesn't give you a row gauge to match, I was shooting in the dark.

I did an inch worth of moss stitch for the front bands instead of 2 rows of garter stitch. I wanted to use larger buttons and needed a deeper band to accomodate them.


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