Monday, February 05, 2007

Men(o)u(t) Monday

The combination of an empty house and a busy week means that any cooking that occurs will have to wait until the weekend.

The Flame comes home Friday night and after a week of eating out (for each of us) I'll aim for something simple, comforting, and not too rich.

I'm thinking soup, a nice bread, some salad and cheese. I've just received recipes for both West African Peanut Soup and Gingered Apple-Carrot soup. I'll see what looks good produce wise on the weekend.

Saturday will either be a new recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala, or if I can defrost a whole chicken (we inherited it with the freezer), I'll roast it with some lemon, garlic and fennel-stewed lentils.

Sunday something that will work well with creme brulee. I'm leaning towards lamb, but who knows. It's hard to peek in the freezer and pantry when you're living in the wrong house.



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