Friday, January 18, 2008

Making progress!

I've finished Imogen and just need to give her the spa treatment. I'm not sure that I would wear this myself, but the hand of the yarn (Alpaca/Wool from Fleece Artist & Handmaiden) is just delicious.

Here is Argosy started in Silk Garden 244. A delightful colourway that I think will be perfect for a turquoise-loving blonde retiree!

Joanne, the highlight on Thursday was a delicious wild mushroom & shallot tart. The twist, pancetta and a poached quail's egg on top. The egg was a very interesting touch. A hint of velvety yolk on top of beautiful crisp puff pastry.



Anonymous Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see imogen. I've been oddly obsessed with it for a while now. I keep thinking it isn't the right sweater for me, and then I find myself hanging out with the kits over and over again. That's got to mean something.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Oh my gosh, Angela, you've just made my foodie week by describing Thursday's highlight. Wow. Thank you. I think "fancy food" is best when it is nothing you could even consider whipping up in your own kitchen. For me, that tart with the quail's egg is just that kind of thing! I know the professor was just thrilled at Craft in NYC during my b-day dinner when he could have both Hedgehog and Hen of the Woods mushrooms. Pretty amazing as mushrooms go!

Argosy is also something to see there! I know just what you mean about that scarf. Maybe not for me but a fabulous gift. :)

12:28 PM  
Blogger Lavender said...

Ooo! I think I like the Argosy in the Silk Garden better than the Hempathy.

Are you at the Food show this week?

2:33 PM  

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