Friday, March 23, 2007

Flame Socks v.2

Project specs : Flame Socks v.2

Pattern : Top down almost-standard sock

Yarn : Elann Puzzle Collection Color 714 & (very old) Kroy 4-ply 54042

Needles : 2.5mm regia dpns

Wierd sock fitting notes : 72 sts cast-on for leg. Standard 1x1 ribbing for the top, 5x1 ribbing for the leg. I transitioned to stockinette for the last inch before the heel flap. The heel flap is a non-standard 48 rows long. I picked up 24 sts on each side of the heel flap after turning the heel and decreased down to 64 stitches. The toe is decreased on alternating rows down to 32 stitches.

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Blogger GKan said...

Wow, those socks are truly lovely.
I have a question about the elann yarn you used: is this kind of variegated elann wool still available?

and I've read on some forums that elann yarn pills easily. Is that true? I'm trying to make a sweater from the yarn, and I don't want it to pill too badly! Thanks, Lynn

8:28 PM  
Blogger GKan said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for your great suggestion for knitting with elann on a tighter gauge if I don't want it to pill. I don't feel so nervous starting on the Hourglass sweater now, knowing that it won't go wonky on me. Take care, Yours, Lynn

1:55 AM  

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