Monday, December 05, 2005

Grey Monday

Lots of pictures waiting to be taken and posted, but the weather is not playing along. Welcome to Vancouver in the winter.

Completed - several scarves - 1 sideways, 2 shaped scarves from Scarf Style, a pair of denim baby shoes, 1 sock (ripped the toe, why did I think a round toe would be a good idea?), a mini hank of Soay (ewwwww) as the start of my spinning homework.

Started - 1 bee cushion, a felted Sophie bag and the Short-Row Hat from IK as soon as I find some yarn, maybe Noro?

Did not touch - secret project.

Ate - a lot of good dimsum from the ever fancy Kirin with good friends.

Enjoyed - the company of more good friends and a smattering of snow.


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