Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Look at the pretty pictures

I'm knitting on a black blob so there isn't really anything photogenic happening right now.

On Monday, I gave the Knitbrarian her present from Madrona. I think the Fred Flintstone Socks that Rock match her blog.

We had a small problem with the furnace yesterday (leak) so I spent the evening snuggled into bed with an extra duvet, keeping warm. Proof that I am working on those Regia socks that have been in the sidebar for waaaaay to long. Ignore the green knitting, that's already been ripped as I don't think I'll have enough yarn.

I did manage to pick up my yarn for my Sockapaloooza pal. I'm hoping to zip through this pair of socks and cast-on this week or next.

The Flame is going to get lucky - I'm going to cast-on and knit-along with June on another Large Man Sweater. I won't be designing my own, but I think her's looks wonderful. Time to ponder the Flame-stash, both yarn and pattern.


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