Saturday, January 19, 2008


2 of my favourite As right now.

I try to Acquire a piece of Art Annually. One of my favourite local Artists and jewellers is Brian Hoyano. His work is full of Attention to detail and strongly influenced by the natural world.

The Argosy scarf from Knitty rolled up and awaiting its soak and stretch. Quick and fun knitting with predictably gorgeous results courtesy of the beautiful Noro colour changes.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Making progress!

I've finished Imogen and just need to give her the spa treatment. I'm not sure that I would wear this myself, but the hand of the yarn (Alpaca/Wool from Fleece Artist & Handmaiden) is just delicious.

Here is Argosy started in Silk Garden 244. A delightful colourway that I think will be perfect for a turquoise-loving blonde retiree!

Joanne, the highlight on Thursday was a delicious wild mushroom & shallot tart. The twist, pancetta and a poached quail's egg on top. The egg was a very interesting touch. A hint of velvety yolk on top of beautiful crisp puff pastry.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Salad Week

No (Real) Menu for this week.

Dine Out Vancouver is starting, we have friends visiting and my girlfriend's trade show is less than 2 weeks away.

Monday - Thai Takeout!
Tuesday - late dinner out, maybe Filipino, likely whatever is good and open late.
Wednesday - dinner with my parents
Thursday - dinner out
Friday - dinner home? Wow. Definitely something vegetarian.
Saturday - Roast Chicken on salad.
Sunday - dinner out again.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I have been working hard on organizing my yarn room and things are coming along very well. It really helped that I finished the River Forest Gansey last week in time for my friend Dick's retirement party. No pictures as I will be knitting one for the Flame in exactly the same colour.

While organizing I have discovered many Works-in-Progress and well, Works that aren't really Progressing at all. I'm hoping to work through my lists of both big (17 so far) and little items (also 17) within 2008. I'm not going to post the long list (you'll see them all eventually) but I hope to make progress on the following this month.

Imogen, nearly done but the long rows and the heaviness of the garment are causing my hands to cramp. I'm rationing my rows per day to counteract this.

Cynthia's Birthday Socks.
Let's not talk about the fact that her birthday was in the summer, ahem.

Sheila's Hyrna.
Knitting swapped for a painting - how lucky can I be?

Matrix Mittens, blueberry and lime green. Yum.

Retirement Scarf for KY, maybe Argosy?
I may need to dye some yarn for this.

Matrix Mittens v.2.
Orange/Yellow handspun and a dark green.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Back at it - Menu Mondays

It's time to get back to Menu Mondays (and the jogging). The Flame's parents have kindly gifted me with a 2-year subscription to Fine Cooking. I think I heard it described as a win-win by the Flame.

Monday : Potato, Prosciutto and Prawn Bake. Looks easy-peasy and delicious with a green salad (definitely not kosher though).

Tuesday : Chicken sandwiches with tomato soup.

Wednesday : Cod (or other firm white fish) with Garlic, Vermouth and Mushroom Sauce.

Thursday : Retirement dinner #1

Friday : Retirement dinner #2

Saturday : Chicken Stew in the slow cooker

Sunday : Something vegetarian - maybe this.